Historical hotel

Hotel Ca’ di Valle was the first to be built in the Cavallino Treporti area, which at the time was part of the Municipality of Venice.

In 1957 Guerrino Castelli and Lazzarini Romilde, the parents and grandparents of the current owners Lorena, Alice and Filippo, built the Ca’ di Valle Guesthouse, which later also gave its name to the Ca’ di Valle resort.

The Castelli family was pioneering and far-sighted in understanding the potential of this strip of land, between the lagoon and the sea, which was barren and inhospitable at the time. The same family is credited with having contributed, in a significant way and for decades, to the important land reclamation works, thanks to which we can now enjoy the beauty of these places.

The Evolution

A company that has been in business for so many years must have the ability to evolve in line with the needs of its customers. The value we have come to recognise in the demands of our guests has guided us in the expansion choices we have made over time, expanding our tourist offer. From the construction of the swimming pool to the underground garage, from mini-golf to panoramic terraces to new rooms and suites.


The value of hospitality carried on with commitment and dedication for 3 generations





Perennial work-in-progress in the DNA

Those who know us well know that we are always a work in progress and every year we come up with something new. The constant desire to renew ourselves and the desire to surprise our guests with new things are part of our DNA. This is probably one of the reasons why so many loyal customers decide to spend their holidays with us.

Hotel Ca’ di Valle is often considered a fixed stop by travellers on business trips and by famous people who have events and shows planned in the area. It is also chosen as a location for receptions and to celebrate special occasions.

Prizes and Awards

In 2022, also on the occasion of its 65th anniversary, Hotel Ca’ di Valle received the ‘Excellence’ Award as a company of excellence of the Municipality of Cavallino Treporti.

Mayor Roberta Nesto personally presented us with the award and we are honoured.

DOVE, the prestigious travel magazine, published IN 2023 some very nice articles about our area.
Hotel Ca’ di Valle was mentioned several times, and selected by the magazine, as a recommendation on ‘where to sleep’.

Social Hotel

Being social has an important meaning for us. Through social media we stay in touch with our wonderful community with whom we love to interact.

Every day we share news, events, information, and also curiosities, smiles and music. Thanks to social media we are always close. Join in, there is room for everyone.

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65° Anniversary