An area rich in cycling routes

with extraordinary landscapes immersed in nature

Cycling municipality

The municipality of Cavallino Treporti has always been attentive to environmental protection and sustainable tourism, and was one of the first to obtain the Yellow Flag, an award that recognises cycle-friendly areas. This is why it is committed to maintaining and developing new roads to encourage cycling.

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, someone who wants to keep fit by cycling or someone who uses a bicycle for comfort, whatever the season of the year, you will always find someone travelling by bicycle.
The most daring come even from foreign countries on their precious bicycles, and many of them have been regular guests of our hotel for several years.
Many roads in the municipality of Cavallino Treporti are lined with bicycle lanes to protect and keep cyclists safe.
As you explore, you will discover routes and paths for your bicycle excursions, but also for beautiful walks.

Via Pordelio

Inaugurated in 2020, the VIAPORDELIO is the new cantilevered cycle path over the lagoon.
One of the longest in Europe, this cycle path runs along the North Lagoon on the Pordelio road, from which it takes its name.
Constructed with a special wooden floor that facilitates pedalling, it is easily navigated not only by bicycle, but also by wheelchair and scooter.
It is also beautiful for a walk, which we recommend at sunset time.
Don’t miss a photo at the ‘Kiss&Bike’ selfie point created on the famous bench with the heart.


Skirting the river Sile, near the bridge connecting Jesolo and Cavallino, one comes across the first section of the famous Munich-Venice, the 560 km-long cycle path that crosses three countries Italy, Austria, Germany and runs through the Alps to the Adriatic Sea.

Cycle tourism, as a mode of sustainable tourism, is growing exponentially, thanks to the proven benefits for both people and the environment.

When you come to Cavallino, don’t miss the chance to take a souvenir photo on this famous cycle path.

The Other Ways

Among the lesser-known but very beautiful and evocative cycle paths, we recommend

the Via del Casson: a path immersed in greenery that, from the Sile river, runs along the entire Casson canal, with its characteristic small harbours for mooring boats. It reaches Piazza Santa Maria Elisabetta, where the beautiful new terrace overlooking the lagoon, built in 2021, awaits you. Perhaps a favourite with children who love to ride a scooter

Via degli Armeni: located in the part of the lagoon opposite the island of Burano, this pedestrian and cycle path offers the best of its views at sunset, thanks to its special position.

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